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Australia - To Alice Spings

Anders and I headed for Roma after we left Brisbane. Rome is about 600 kilometres inland and after a few miss-turns we reached Toowoomba where we stopped a short time before we continued towards Roma. We stayed at a motel there. I had let my beard grow since I left Canberra for the first time and now, 9 weeks later, it was time to shave it off. It felt much better without any beard.

The next day was a day spent in the car. We went 700 kilometres and reached Longreach in the afternoon. It was a quite big town, but it didn't have a YHA so we got a little cabin in a Caravan Park there. It was OK, lots of space and a kitchen if we would have liked to cook. We saw 15 emus on our trip between Roma and Longreach and a fantastic landscape.
A road train in Morven.

We had planned to go via Boulia from Longreach and then to Alice Springs, but the road between Boulia and Alice Springs turned out to be unsealed for about 500 kilometres and we didn't want to risk getting a flat tyre. We agreed on taking a longer way to Alice Springs and go via Mt. Isa, which is a 1200 kilometres de-tour.

We went 700 kilometres that day between Longreach and Mt. Isa. After what it seemed a long time, we finally reached the mining town Mt. Isa. We found a Backpackers Place there, which was one of the worst places I had stayed at. We were only going to stay one night there so we didn't mind.

Just look at the distances!
We woke up early the next day because we had a very long way to go. We wanted to reach Alice Springs that evening, a trip for over 1200 kilometres. We stopped at the border between Queensland and Northern Territory and took a few pictures. We saved 30 minutes when we crossed the border as Northern Territory lies in another timezome. We reached Alice Springs that night quite late, and we had to spend the night at a motel. Although it was a very nice double room we got, it was also very expensive.

We had travelled almost 3500 kilometres in 4 days and spent most of the time in the car. It wasn't going to change so much, we kept driving on. We stayed in Alice Springs only that night and continued towards Ayers Rock the next day, about 500 kilometres from Alice Springs.

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