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Australia - Byron Bay

The trip from Brisbane went well, even if I had some trouble with left rear wheel. I had heard something all the way from Cairns, but it was first now it was very bad. I found Byron Bay after first been a little lost and been to Pottsville.

A street in Byron Bay.
Byron Bay is well known for its beaches and perfect conditions for surfing. There are lots of surfing going on here. Even though I was here in early winter I went for a swim every day. The water became colder for each day, but still not cold enough for a swim... not even to me.

There is a lighthouse in Byron Bay that is well visited by tourists. It is something special with that lighthouse, but I can't remember what. Around the lighthouse there are lots of walking tracks that go around the coast. Even a calm day there are high waves that hits the coast all the time. That
The lighthouse in Byron Bay
is an act that fascinated at least me. Although I have been living at the coast all my life and is used to see the ocean, this was something extra to see how the ocean all the time tormented the coast with all these waves, one bigger that the other. I could stand there for a long time and just admire it.

If you are here at the right time, you can see dolphins and whales in the ocean. Every year whales are passing the coast of Australia to get from the cold water at the South pole to the more warmer water north of Australia to mate. Sp twice a year you can see whales in the ocean and Byron Bay offers a great lookout to see both whales and dolphins. I didn't have any luck whith whales, but I saw dolphins once.

The most earterly point of Australia mainland.
Byron Bay is found as far east as you can get on the mainland of Australia. When you have been at the most easterly point of Australia, you can always aim for reaching the most northly, southly and the most westerly point too, but this is the easiest to reach and the only one I found.

I got the wheel fixed on my car and it felt much better to drive now and not to hear the noise. After 4 wonderful days here, I got in the car and continues south to more cooler places.

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