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Australia - Brisbane

I came to Newcastle late at night, I found a desert parking place where I spent the night. I was walking around in Newcastle the day after, before it was time to go on. I didn't really like Newcastle, it was many factories and seemed a little like England... I travelled more through the outback now and came to Armidale, where I looked a long time for the place where I wanted to spend the night at. Finally I found it and I got a good price for a caravan to sleep in.

Before I left Armidale I had to get some petrol. I met a person at the petrol station who spoke Swedish. He wasn't a Swede though, but he had spent some time in Sweden... in a little place Lysekil of all places. To you who don't know, I can tell you that Lysekil is a tiny place just outside Uddevalla where I come from.

On my way to the next planned stop for the night, I got stopped by the police for speeding. the police officer was a kind man and didn't give me a fine.
Brisbane viewed from Mt. Coot-tha.
It would have been AUS$159 if he hadn't been that kind to me. I slept in the car in Warwick.

I finally came to Brisbane the next day. It is a very big city and the YHA I was looking for was close to the city centre, among all the tall buildings and narrow one-way streets. To make it worse, I came there on some kind of a holiday, so many streets were closed for some reason, but I found the YHA after a few hours.

I stayed in Brisbane for three days, looked around in the city centre mostly. Brisbane was a little too big for me, but it was fun to be able to drive on the left side in a city this big without any problems.

I pose with Main Beach in the background.
I continued to the Goldcoast and Surfers Paradise and it was here where I first got to swim in the ocean with huge waves. One second I had water up to my knees, to the next second be swept away by a huge wave. The water was wonderful and warm, but for some reason the beach was almost empty. Maybe because it was winter, but to me it was just like a Swedish summer. Around Surfers Paradise and on the road to Brisbane there are at least three amusement parks. I tried to enter one of them in Surfers Paradise, Sea World, but I thought it was too expensive to enter, so I just looked at the entrance.

I hadn't planned to go any furhter up north, but I thought it was fun to be on the road so why not take the chance and see all Australia now when I had the opportunity. I placed myself in the car and just drove on. At this moment I was aming for Cairns.

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