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Australia - Brisbane part 3

Anders and I came to Newcastle when it was dark outside, but fortunately the YHA there was still open. And we were twice lucky as they only had two beds to offer. Anders' long flight down here made him very tired and he fell asleep early and slept in the next morning.

We went slowly up to Brisbane and stopped at many places. First we stopped and stayed one night in Coffs Harbour and then one night in Byron Bay. We managed to see some dolphins in the ocean just outside the coast. The weather was a little cook and there were some rain.
A show with dolphins as Sea World.

We stayed in Surfers Paradise for two nights and took the opportunity to visit Sea World which is very close to the YHA there. There were shows with dolphins, sealions and a water ski show. There were also some other attractions, but as we were there in winter everything wasn'y open. Most things were about getting wet in water. Sea World was expensive, but fun.

We left Surfers Paradise and went to Brisbane. We stopped on the way at Movie World and stayed there almost all day. The entrance fee was expensive, but everything except the food was free then. the food was expensive too. There was a rollercoaster that was called Leathal Weapon 3, a simulator that was called Batman, shows with Police Academy and a Wild West show among many other things.

A Kangaroo is eating from Anders' hand.
It was dark when we arrived to Brisbane, we stayed here for two nights. I showed Anders the things I knew about Brisbane, Mt. Coot-tha, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary so Anders got to see, feet and pet lots of kangaroos and other Australian animals. That was just about that I knew about Brisbane then.

We stayed at the YHA in Brisbane, where I already had been two time earlier. When we checked in, the girl there recognized me and even before I told her my name she said "Ah, mr Karlsson".

Until now we had gone where I already had been, but it was time now to travel west to the inland of Queensland. We had heard that one should bring lots of water and food when going there, so we bought lots of food and got lots of water just in case. From now on we would travel many kilometres per day until we reached Darwin from where Anders should go back to Sweden within less that 2 weeks.

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