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Australia - Cairns

The climate in Cairns is fantastic, a Scandinavian as I am I had never experience this kind of climate before. It is perfect, the sun is shining and it is warm, even though the calender says it is early winter. Cairns itself isn't a big town, much smaller than I expected.

I stayed a few nights at a YHA on McLeod St., which was a very nice place. Just across the street there was Cairns' biggest(?) shopping mall, and it was close to the town's center.

I took different tours with the car and looked around. Not far from Cairns you find Kuranda and it is just up the mountains outside Cairns. It is
Trinity Beach.
a very winding road up there, but you can also take the Scenic Railway or the Skyrail if you want to. The views you see are amazingly pretty.

The farthest north I went here on the east coast was to Port Douglas, about 100 kilometres north of Cairns. The road here is pretty and winding, so you can't go fast. I found coconuts who had fallen down from the trees and lying on the ground for the first time in Port Douglas. I didn't try to open any of them...
The road to Undara.

The coastline offers many nice beaches, but the water that you swim in can be hazardous. There are stingers, some kind of jelly fish that actually can kill a human, sharks even if they are rare to see and other dangerous animals. Rose had told me not to swim up here, but I tried it anyway, only for a short moment and where there were lots of people around on the beach and in the water. The water was wonderful!

The tent I slept in at Undara.
I took a little trip inland of about 400 kilometres, I had seen in catalogues that there were volcanic tunnels up here and also wanted to visit the real outback of Australia. The roads weren't much to brag about, but there were a little asphalt in the middle of the road. I came to Undara National Park where I stopped. I got a tent in the middle of the wilderness, it was a real experience to be there. The guide who showed me the volcanic tunnels looked much like Fox Mulder in the X-files. I went back the 400 kilometres up to Carins again the next day, I had forgotten to do something there.

If you are in Cairns and not going out to the Great Barrier Reef, you are just as stupid as you would be if you were in Paris and never saw the Eifel Tower or the Statue of Liberty in New York. When I was in Undara I regretted that I hadn't gone out there to see the reef, so I had to return. It was worth it. Of course I should choose the worst day I ever had here, it was more windy than normal and rained a little, but fortunately not out on the reef. The corals very colourful and all the fish...! I snorkled around for a while and looked at all I could. The water was so clear so you could see several metres down to the bottom. In Sweden you are happy if you can see half a metre in the water.

After that trip, it was time for me to turn south again. I had to leave the paradise, but I didn't mind because I never really liked Cairns as a town, only for the nature and climate.

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