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Australia - Canberra

I was dropped off the bus somewhere in Canberra, all I knew was that I was in the neighbourhood of Narrabundah but
View over Canberra from the Telstra Tower
I didn't know in which direction I should go. I checked my map, took my heavy suitcases and started to walk on a guess. It took me two hours before I found Lara Sedgmen's house. She wasn't at home, only her two dogs Flynn and Bella, so I started to become friends with them. I had bought some lollies which I shared with them... and we were then friends from that moment... :o)

I stayed here for 5 weeks and I got to feel more and more like an Australian during that time. I stayed with Lara which forced me to speak English all the time, listen to the radio, watching TV and go shopping etc. I was of course a tourist also, and I walk around and discovered Canberra.

Everyone who I had talked to have said that Canberra is nothing to visit and there is nothing to see there, but I liked the city. Everything was so planned. It is easy to go from point A to point B without getting stuck in the traffic or anything else. The new parliament House was a sight, where you can walk up on the roof where all the politicians work and actually be on top of them for a change...

I was walking around Canberra in the beginning before Lara offered me to borrow her bike. I cycled around Canberra as much as I could after that. Among other things I went around Lake Burley Griffin which took me a couple of hours.

My Subaru Stationwagon at the Red Hill Lookout in Canberra
I bought myself a car here, a blue Subaru Stationwagon from year 1986, and got the registration number YAK 80P. I learned to drive on the left side with that car, which was easier than I first thought. I took short tours around Canberra and looked at places I hadn't visited with the bike.

On the 30th of April was the last day for me in Canberra. I packed my things and started a journey which was unknown at that moment. I aimed for Brisbane and after that I took one day at the time. I drove 550 kilometres the first day and came to Newcastle, a few kilometres north of Sydney.

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