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Australia - Exmouth

The trip to Gerlaton went well, we stayd and had a look at a strange
Me at The Pinnacles.
landscape at The Pinnacles. It was very amazing to see something created like that.

Next stop after Grealton was Denham where we checked in at a motell. We stopped for a little while just before Denham at a beach that is calle Shell Beach. Just as the name says is the beach only made of billions of tiny shells. According to signs there the beach were about 10 kilometres wide and almost 6 metres deep, only with shells.

Close to Denham is a place called Monkey Mia which is well known for its wild dolphins. Every day at certain times, the dolphins that are coming
Sharone at Shell Beach.
into the shore are fed. If you are lucky you can swim with dolphins, but they can bite and bite very hard if they want to. It felt strange to be so close to a wild dolphin as I was in Monkey Mia, it was only one metre away. We went around in Denham and enjoyed ourselves at playgrounds, parks and looked at the stars.

Continued up north and came to Carnarvon in the afternoon. We took a walk on a beach there and saw a big dead turtle there. We also went out on a jetty there called "one mile jetty". I don't know if it was one mile but it took a while to walk all the way out and back. We spent the night at a motel there with a pool that we tried to swim in.

The next day we came to Exmouth, where we checked in to a hotel that was very nice. We got a little house only for ourselves that had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom with a bubble pool. We stayed here two nights.

There is coral reef up here similar to the Barrier Reef on the east coast, but this is a little smaller and not as well known.
The birds are close to visitors at Rainbow Jungle, Kalbarri.
We took a tour out on the ocean, went snorkeling and saw a few turtles, lots of colourful fish and lots of diffrent corals. The nature up here was beautiful too, the ground was flat but had canyons anyway. It was very dry so there weren't many trees.

Left a warm and nice Exmouth to go back to Perth. Stayed in Kalbarri where we spent the night. Visited a bird zoo there with lots of different birds. Some bird cages were very big so you could walk in there among the birds and have a closer look. We also had a look at Kalbarri from Red Bluff lookout and watched for whales in the ocean. We didn't see any. After that it was time to go all the way back to Perth, we arrived there late at night so we just took all the things we had in the car inside the house and then went to bed.

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