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Links to good pages

Here are some good links to other good and helpful pages on the net. Just check them out and see if they are something for you too.

• • L i n k s • •
Dolls and Toys Australia A page bt sharone I. that contains lots about toys and dolls. If you are interested in this, you should visit this page. Or if you want to become interested in dolls and toys, this is a good place to start.  
Travel in Australia This page is made by me where I want to share my story about my visit to Australia with others and at the same time give tips of what I think is worth seeing and to avoid seeing.
• • C a r t o o n s • •
Hδlge Hδlge... my favourite cartooned series, now also on the Internet. Send postcards, buy Hδlge things or just read the daily cartooned strip.
Garfield the Cat Garfield the Cat doesn't need a further presentation, does he? Read the daily cartoon strip, get your own garfield email address etc
• • G a m e s • •
Freecell I have spent many hours playing Freecell om my computer. Now I can do that on the net too and compete with others to enter the top 1000. It is fun and it is addective.
Jezzball Jezzball is not as famous as Freecell, but it is also fun to play. There is a toplist to enter here too, but to enter that one you really have to practise a lot and have some luck...
• • I n t e r n e t • •
Go Daddy If you are thinking about getting your own domain name, GoDaddy is a good place to visit. They offer themselves to register your domain in your name quite cheaply. You can choose from .net, .com and .org.
Nozol These pages are on Nozol which is an Egyptian company. One of the cheapest places if you want a host to your domain name without showing banners on your page that I have found.
TheCounter TheCounter keeps track on your visitors, it gives you an extensive information about where your visitors come from, what link they clicked on to come to your page etc. Used to be a free service, but not anymore.
ClickThru Do you want more visitors to your webpage? ClickThru offer to send visitors for free to your webpage every day all year. the only you have to do is to visit pages of other members of ClickThru. One visited page means one visitor to your page.
AdLibris Buy very cheap books on the net.
• • R a d i o • •
Live casting from Australia is currently down. Complain at RIAA!

SA-FM 107,5 Adelaide Listen to Australian radion, this radio channel you can listen to on the net comes from Adelaide and it plays good musik, my opinion. You must have RealPlayer or some other program that can play the sound. Click on the link and see if it works.
92.9 Online Perth
Another Australian radio channel that is broadcasting on the net. To be able to listen to this channel, you must have Windows MediaPlayer. The sound is good and so is the music they play. If not the link works, you can enter their webpage and see if there is anything you need to download to get it to work. http://www.allnew929.com
96fm Today's Best Music A third radio station from Australia, one that still is broadcasting live on the net. This one requires Windows Mediaplayer too to work. The quality is very good and take a moment to listen live on this radio station from Perth, Australia. If there is something you need to get it to work, visit http://www.96fm.com.au/.
Mix Megapol
A Swedish radio channel on the Internet. Just click on the link and then on the Listen Live button and the sound should begin to come from your speakers.
• • U d d e v a l l a • •
The weather for Uddevalla
Here you can see the weather for the following 10 days in Uddevalla. If you are not from Uddevalla, you can enter your town in the box below and then on GO to see the weather in your town. Works internationally and is often updated.
Sagabiografen in Uddevalla Movies is best seen at the movies. Sagabiografen is a cinema in Uddevalla and it has its own webpage where you can see what kind of movies that are on at the moment and incoming movies among other things. "See you at the movies".
• • P e r s o n a l   p a g e s • •
Your guide to Australia
A personal site with tips about things you can do in Australia and what to see and visit.
Thoroughbred Toy Saint
Australian Thoroughbred racing interests featuring racehorse mare Toy Saint. Lots of up to date links to related horse racing and general sites. Owned by Michael Foley, John & Laurie Hassall. Trained by Jamie Scott at Flemington, Vic. Australia.


Visit my site about movies. Mostly in Swedish though, but you can review a movie in English if you want to, or set up your own movie database..


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