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Australia - Melbourne

The trip from Phillip Island to Melbourne didn't take so long time, so I was in Melbourne already after a few hours. I don't like to drive on highways with more than 2 lanes, is is so hard to change lane then.

To drive in Melbourne isn't so hard, but in the centre of Melbourne there is a strange rule to turn right (remember that they are driving on the left side). Somehow you should be as far to the left you could in the intersection and wait until it was clear to turn. Doesn't sound so hard, but I didn't dare to try it so if I had to turn right I drove on and turned around and went back in the other lane and then turn left. It was easier.

I had found out at the racing track in Phillip Island that it is at Albert Park here in
Albert Park viewed from Rialto Towers.

Melbourne is the place the Formula 1 race is held when it is here in Australia. I was looking for it but I didn't find it the first day here. I looked a little extra on the map and managed to find it the next day. It was a regular park with regular roads to drive on, and it wasn't much that said that it is a Formula 1 racing track once a year. I hadn't figured it out unless I didn't already know.

Before I left Melbourne I took the car to Albert Park and drove around two laps there where the Formula 1 is held. I stopped and had pole position once. I started and... :o)
It wasn't any Formula 1 speed, but it was lots of fun!

Melbourne city.
I went around in Melbourne quite a lot and had a look at it. I liked Melborune, it was somehow nicer than Sydney but it was only an impression I got. I went up to the top of the tallest building here in Melbourne, Rialto Towers, and had an aerial view of Melbourne. Worth a visit.

It had been a bad weather all the three days I stayed here with lots of rain, but when I left Melbourne the sun was shining from a clear blue sky and it was really nice. It was time to go back to Sydney and meet my friend Anders who was coming down here from Sweden. He was going to stay here for three weeks and should travel with me.

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