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Australia - Around Albany

After the lont trip from Adelaide to Melborune and back to Adelaide, I took a little time off from driving and stayed two nights before it was time to leave Adelaide for good. The day I was in Adelaide the whole day, I thought I would spend at the casino, but the door guard there stopped me again and said that I wasn't propely dressed. This time it was my jeans...

I got some petrol just before I left Adelaide, and there at the petrol station I saw that it was dripping oil from my car quite heavily. I thought that this was it and that I would have to look for something else to take me to Perth. I filled it up with oil as much as I could and went around in Adelaide for a garage where I could hopefully get the car fixed, but I didn't find any. Somehow it stopped dripping oil so I took a chance and left Adelaide without fixing the car. The car turned out to hold for the rest of the way, it only scared the shit out of me in Adelaide.

I came to Port Augusta where I turned left towards Ceduna. Ceduna is the last big place before Western Australia, and Norsemen which is 1200 kilometres from Ceduna. I stayed after a long day in the car in Ceduna at a YHA there. According to the guestbook I was the first guest there since July 5th, and I was there the 9th of August.
The coastline along Nullarbor.

The way between Ceduna to the border to Western Australia is called Nullarbor. In every travelling book it says that one should only cross Nullarbor with a car in good shape and that one should bring many useful things because there is a long way for help if something should happen. I just checked the oil and that I had enough petrol so I would reach the next petrol station before I took off. The coast along the Nullarbor is very beautiful and I had to stop several times to enjoy the view over the ocean and the nature there.

When I crossed the border between South Australia and Western Australia, I got stopped by some kind of custom. They checked if I had fruit or other things that were illegal to bring into Western Australia. The man there asked where I was going and I answered Norseman, which is 700 kilometres from the border. I had already been driving 500 kilometres so this was in early afternoon. He said that I should go easy and stay somewhere before Norseman.

A very long straight road.
I was about to do what the custom officer had told me and stay at a small place called Caiguna, but I kept on going. As I was travelling west I passed two timezones and "earned" 1½ hour. The nature here is almost completely flat and desert so the roads here are almost straight. The longest stragit road in Australia is here in WA and is almost 150 kilometres. Travelling there was OK but very dull, I didn't have to turn at all for 1½ hour, just going straight forward.

After been driving for 14 hours I finally reached Norseman and found a place to stay the night at. I was very tired after the long trip so I fell asleep very fast.

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