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About Patrik

So, you want to know who I am? OK, here's a short description about me:

Me and Sharone.

I was born a warm night in August 1972. I lived my first 7 years of my life in Uddevalla, Sweden, before it was time to change address. We moved out to Hogstorp, a little suburb to Uddevalla, which became my new home. I lived there until I moved in to Uddevalla again in 1999.

Hogstorp is not a big place, in the beginning were there a food-shop and a petrol station. After a while was also a factory built up there, Borga Fästdon. After a few years did the food-shop close and now are the factory and the petrol station left there. Even if there isn't much to do in Hogstorp, I find it a nice little place to live.

I tried a few different kind of work after school and I got stuck in teaching, and then about computers. I have been teaching computer science to both younger people as well as older since 1995. It is a job that has been both fun and educational to me.

I had saved up some money and I wanted to take a long holiday in 1999. I had almost never been outside Sweden before had bought a ticket to Australia and a visa so I could stay there for 6 months. I didn't have any serious plans to stay there for all of the 6 months I was allowed to stay there, but I had such a great time so I could easily have stayed there for many more years. Click on the Australia link on the left if you are interested in reading about my visit there.

I have now been back in Sweden for about 19 years and have slowly returned to a Swedish daily life. I am still a teacher in computer science now and then, still live in Uddevalla... so everything is almost like it was before I left. But only almost...


Visit my site about movies. Mostly in Swedish though, but you can review a movie in English if you want to, or set up your own movie database..


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