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Australia - Perth

Arrived to Perth and now I had to find out where Sharone lived. I had got directions so I almost knew where the area was where she said that she lived, but I was driving around and around for a long time without finding her place. I had to ask at a petrol station where it was and it turned out be only a few hundred metres from the station. So after hours on the phone almost every night since I bought my cash card in Townsville, it was now time to meet for the first time. I was very nervous when I was just outside the door and about to knock, but when she opened it was like meeting an old friend. After all the time talking on the phone, we sort of already knew each other.

I stayed with Sharone during my stay in Perth, it was nice to have something real
Sharone in Kings Park.
and not a hostel. She showed me around in Perth a little, visited Kings Park which is a big park in the central part of Perth with many different flowers and plants. Quite unique with such a park in the middle of a big city. We went for a drive-in-movie, it was the first time for me to watch a movie outdoors. It was fun and we were there more times after that.

We went up to Lancelin and took a tour on the beach with me car. Sharone told me that Lancelin was the furtherst north sha ever had been during her 20 years in Perth and Lanceline is only 100 kilometres away from Perth. I got to use my 4-wheel drive at the beach there, I hadn't used it so often during all the 32000 kilometres I had
Yanchep National Park and we got to see a wild kangaroo.
been driving between Canberra and Perth. We also visited a national park in Yanchep and a tour down the Crystal Cave there.

We went around Lake Monga, visited Perth Zoo, sat on the beach and enjoyed the spring sun among many other things. It was great to have a guide to do things with. I had a great time and lived an Australian life, without being much of a tourist.

After two weeks in Perth, we decided to take a long trip up north. Sharone, her two kids and I started early in the morning and aimed firstly to Geraldton.

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