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Australia - Perth part 2

Back to Perth again and I only had one week left here in Australia. I didn't look forward to go back home again, but I wanted to really have fun the last week.

Sharone at a beautiful beach on Rottnest.
Sharone and I visited an island just outside Perth that is called Rottnest. It is well known for its kangaroos, Quokkas. You can only find these Quokkas here on this island and we saw two, but it wasn't easy. Sharone had brought some lollies that we were eating while we were walking around there. One time she dropped one on the ground as we threw away. We had been walking around for a long time then and hadn't seen any Quokka, so when I threw it towards the bushes, I said something like "This is for you Quokkas". And a Quokka jumped out from the bushed and started to eat the lolly. Both Sharone and I started to laugh. A fun story about my first Quokka.

There are no cars on the island either, just a few bussed and some trucks that have some special license to drive there. We went around and took a real look on the island, walked a short time in the water, but it was very cold. We managed to be just in time to the last ferry back to Freemantle.

We continued to be some kind of tourists in Perth. We looked around and enjoyed ourselves. We were at the casino there two times. This time we had bought me some clothes so I would get in, remembered Adelaide when I didn't get in. I tried to sell my car, but there were no one coming to have a look at it, even though I got a few calls from people that had seen the ad in the Quokka newspaper. I gave it to sharone instead. After I had left it got a name, so it is called "Patrik the Car" now.

Time to leave Sharone and go back to Sweden again.
The day I didn't look forward to came fast and I had to go back home to Sweden. I was almost about to miss the plane, if I had waited one more minute before I entered the gate, it would have taken off without me. I often wish that I had missed that plane, Sharone and I had fallen in love with each other and it was very sad to leave here there and not to know if I ever would see here again or not. Anyway the plane took off with me onboard and after many hours in the air and a few stops on the way, I landed on Landvetter's airport in Gothenburg and was met by my parents.

6 fantastic months in a land I always had wanted to visit had come to an end. I haven't regretted one single sicond that I went there and I hope that you who have read this and also go there get a time just as fantastic as I got. I long back, but I don't think I ever will return... :o(

Thank you for taking the time to read all about my trip and that it could interest you. Please send me a little message, it would be fun to hear from all of you who have read all this. Have a great time!

//Patrik Karlsson

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