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Australia - Around Albany

I had been driving a lot for a few days now, but I slowed down now. I went only 200 kilometres the day after I reached Norseman and came to Esperance where I stayd for the night. I was the first Swede at the YHA there since it got new owners a few months back. I went around in the town centre and looked, it wasn't a big place but I am sure there are lots of people here in summer because there were some really nice beaches here. It was way too cold for swimming now.

I watched a video that night, they showed Austin Powers. I went to bed later and slept very heavily, I was still very tired after spenging most of the time in the car for almost a week.
Visiting Danmark in Australia...

My next destination was a Albany on the south coast. Albany is known for many things, one is the coastline. There are some blowholes here, The Gap, The Natural Bridge and something called Stony Hill. I stayed here two nights at the YHA that they had here.

I took a visit to a little place close to Albany called Walpole and had a look at the nature there. The Valley of The Gigants is a place with many tall and big trees. There was a place where you could walk along the tree tops, called Tree Top Walk. It was fun and you got a real nice view. On the way here I passed a place called Denmark. I thought it was fun as I suddenly was back to Scandinavia and Denmark... hehe.
A big tree and a little me.

I left Albany and went to Augusta, the last place before my end station Perth. You find Augusta just at the tip in the southwest corner of Australia, and just outside that tip you can see two oceans meet.

I left Augusta the next morning and went alont the coast up to Perth. I stayed a couple of times on the way, one time for entering a cave (Jewel Cave) and join a giuded tour. There were many caves there so you just had to pick one to check out. They are huge caves and very pretty.

A walk up in the air...
The closer I came to Perth the more rainy it was. I stayed for petrol in Bunbury and thought I should pay with my VISA-card as I had been doing every time before, but this time it didn't work. I was afraid that it had been too close to the mobile, but this was the only time it didn't work. I didn't have any cash this time, but fortunately I could use another VISA-card I had. I didn't know the code or if I had money on that account, but it worked and I could continue to Perth. I got really scared there, but somehow nothing could go wrong when I was in Australia, everything worked out better than I ever could even dream of.

Finally I came to Perth and the sun begun to shine again.

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