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Australia - Sydney part 2

200 kilometres later from Newcastle I reached Sydney. It was with excitement I drove towards the city centre. I managed to miss to cross the Harbour Bridge, the lane I was in went to a tunnel instead. I drove around in Sydney for a while, I wanted to stay at a YHA in the city centre but I couldn't find anywhere to park my car. Sydney is a city where you shouldn't drive a car, at least not in the city centre. The streets are narrow and it is not easy to turn around if you missed an exit. Not for a tourist like me anyway. I skipped all my plans and went to another hostel outside Sydney centre. I found one at Collaroy beach. On my way out of Sydney I managed to drive on the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!

I travelled to Katoomba the next day and stayed there for two days. It was much colder now than it was last time I was here. It can snow here in winter, but it wasn't that cold now. I had a look at The Three Sisters at Echo Point again, and I tried Skyrail this time. Skyrail is an attraction that brings you down the steep mountain. Another attraction is Skyway that brings you out in the middle of a valley and you get a really nice lookout over the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and some other things there are to be seen there.
Sydney centre YHA.

I left the car at Rose's and took the train to Sydney. It was much easier not to have a car in Sydney. I got a room at the YHA there and I stayed for three nights. Firstly I went to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge again. I had a look at them lightened up in the dark, which was very beautifully. Unfortunately I couldn't get any good pictures of it as my camera couldn't handle the darkness.

I visited Sydney Aquarium and saw
Sydney Aquarium.
lots of fish, big sharks, sting rays, turtles and other animals. It was very interesting to look at. There were also some seals there, and you could go into a little room of some kind that was under the water and see the seals swim. The seales knew that there were people in that room because when they swimed by the window, they really made a show.

Close to Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour is a paradise for people that loves to play computer games, Sega World. After paying the entrance fee that was pretty expensive, everything was free. I played lots of different games, mostly Sega Rally and other rally games. Fortunately there weren't so many visitors that day, so I could play whatever I wanted almost whenever I wanted. It was definitely worth a visit.

Sydney is too big to me, so I didn't stay any longer. I took the train back to Rose's and got my car. Then I went back to Sydney only to find to road that would take me south down to Melbourne.

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