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Australia - Sydney part 3

I left a sunny Melbourne and went up to Canberra again. I stayed the night in a little town just passed to border to New South Wales that is called Albury. It is so close to Wodonga, so many see them as one, Albury-Wodonga.

I continued to Canberra the next day, and after been driving on some "tourist drives" that were really bad I finally came to Canberra again. I stayed at Lara's again. Flynn and Bella, her two dogs, didin't recognize me at first, maybe because I know had a beard. But when I started to talk to them, their barking went from threatening to friendly. I guess they remembered the chocolate I gave them the first time we met...

Me and a statue of Darth Maul from Star Wars episode 1.

Lara and I went to see two movies while I was here. We saw The Mummy and Star Wars episode 1. Other times I joined Lara when she took her dogs and went to the dog club to let them meet other dogs. When I was going to leave Canberra, my car didn't start. Fortunately it was only a cable to the battery that was loose.

I parked the car outside Rose's again and took the train into Sydney centre. I stayed at a motel the first night because the YHA didn't have any room left for me. I managed to book a bed for the following night.

I took the air bus to the airport and waited a long time for Anders to arrive. I waited several hours until the plane arrive. After that it took a long time until he went through the same door as I did when I arrived to Australia. It felt wierd to speak Swedish again, but I got used to it very quickly. We went for a walk in Sydney that night, visited the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

We went up the Centre Point so he would get a nice view over Sydney. We also went around a little before we had to take the train back to Rose's and get my car. Finally there we took off for Newcastle. Driving on the left side didn't bother Anders at all, but I did all the driving at the beginning.

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