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Australia - To Cairns

I passed by Brisbane again on my way up north, but I kept on driving through. I came to Maroochydore where I found a YHA where I stayed for the night. Just before I came to Maroochydore I had stopped at a place called Glas House Mountains.

I took off from Maroochydore the next day, passed by Noosa Heads where I saw lots of surfers in the water. I came to a place called
Rain on the Sunshine Coast.
Rainbow Beach where I just walked around and enjoyed the weather, which was really nice even if it rained a lot when I was there.

After being driving and driving, and passed a straight road which was 15 kilometres long, I came to Harvey Bay where I had planned to stay for the night. I found a parking place down the harbour where I parked and slept in the car. I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts but I didn't freeze much. It was only a little cool, but not as cold as Canberra and in Lara's house where I froze with quilt, a few blankets and some towles. I love this weather...

From Harvey Bay you can take a boat out to Fraiser Island, an island just outside Australia's coast here. It is an island made mostly by sand and is supposed to be a very pretty place. I never went there, but I saw lots of advertises from all the companies that offered themselves to take you there. Take a break when you are here and visit the island, I don't think you are in that kind of hurry when you have come this far...

I went non-stop from Harvey Bay and up to MacKay, a 900 kilometre's trip. Well, I had to stop for petrol in Rockhampton, but besides that, I never stopped the car. I had to stay in MacKay for two days to rest after that trip, that had made me very tired. I had almost been in the car for two days in the row now and it wasn't any pleasant experiece. I had major problems to find in MacKay. I visited a shopping mall there not so far from the YHA, but took the wrong way back and spent over 1 hour to find the YHA again.

Me in Eungella national park.
I continued north and next town I came to was Townsville where I had planned to sleep in the car again. I found a nice lookout i the middle of the city where I parked and was supposed to sleep. It turned out to be a bad choosen place. The lookout was a place where people took long walks to and also took the car just to watch the city at night. Many teenagers came here too to hang out.

It was here in Townsville where I first tried my new phonecard with an Australian phone number. I wanted to make it cheaper for my parents who paid the bill for calling me and for my calls down here, so I bought a pre paid card to my mobile. I bought the card for $30, first I called Lara for a little while, then my parents to tell them my new number, and then I had spent all the 30 dollars. After that I was more careful when and who I called.
The best thing with this Optus card I had was that I could make free phone calls to other mobile phones with an Optus card after 7pm to midnight. Sharone had that and I called her almost every night since then. Even if she was so far away as she was, it was like having a travelling partner that got to hear about what I had done and seen during the day.

The weather became nicer and nicer and when I came to Carins they said on the radio that it was 33 degrees. It was warmer in the car, I didn't have any air-condition, so I sat there with one hand on the wheel and one hand holding the towel for the sweat... I had never experienced this warm weather before but I enjoyed very much!

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