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Australia - Sydney part 2

I left Sydney on June 12, 1999, took the train to get my car and continued south. Came to a place called Liverpool just outside Sydney, where I turned towards Gerringong. I had planed to spend my night there.

There was no vacancy at the YHA in Gerringong, so I started to look for some alternative. I found a Caravan Park, but they didn't have any place for me either. I descided to sleep in the car again and I found a nice desert parking place just next to the ocean. As per usual I talked to Sharone that night but she didn't like the idea that I slept in the car. Probably mostly because of burgulars.

I got to sleep in the back seat when I saw a car with some really strong headlights and it was driving very slowly. I got up slowly to see what it was and the car stopped beside my car and two men left the car. I got a little nervous as Sharone had warned me for burgulars, but it turned out to be the police. They had seen me move in my parked car and they wondered why. I let me stay in the car but warned me that it would be cold.

Cold... that was just an understatement. I wore as many clothes as I could, but I froze very much anyway. Got up in the middle of the night and went for a tour with the car, just to get some warmth so I could sleep a little longer. they said on the radio that it was down to 2C, and that is way too cold to spend a night in a car.
A blowhole in Kiama.

I visited Kiama the next day and looked at two so called blowholes. It was interesting to see natural fontains. Continued south again and via Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay where I stayed for two nights at a hostel.

Close to Batemans Bay, there is a beach called Pebbly Beach where wild kangaroos live. They are not afraid of people and come and visit them there on the beach. Even birds wasn't afraid of humans and I could feed a bird with some crumbs that I held in my hand.

Stopped at a zoo in Mogo when I continued my trip south. There were lots of different animalns there like apes, bears, tigers, lions and many more. Stayed the night in Merimbula.

I bought a quilt here in Merimbula, just in case I would need it. I didn't want to freeze again like I did in Gerringong, but it turned out to be the last time I slept in the car that time. I used the quilt frequently anyway, at some hostels I only got a bed and no bedding clothes. That was some very cheap hostels.

Left New South Wales and entered Victoria for the first time. Stayed in a hostel in Lakes Entrance, got a double bed for the same price as a dorm bed. Probably only because it was off season and there weren't many guests there. I liked it very much there so I stayed for another night. Went around and enjoyed the weather. There was a beach there called 90 mile beach. I don't know if was because it was 90 miles long, but if that was the case, think of all the space in summer.

From Lakes Entrance I travelled towards Philip Island. On the way there I passed Sale where Sharone had lived as very young. Had promised to buy her a postcard there, but I forgot. I came to Philip Island in the afternoon,
Me at the highest top on Philip Island.
and found a YHA there. The standard wasn't so high, but I didn't mind.

I found lots of things to do and visit here. I wanted to see the Penguin Parade in the evening, but I just missed it. The Penguin Parade is when all the small penguins return from the ocean after been looking for food all day. There is also a recing track for bikes here, and you can climb the highest point here in the island... 112 metres above the ocean.

Finally it was time to visit the secon largest city here in Australia, Melbourne.

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