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Australia - To Sydney

I passed a few costal towns on my way down to Sydney. I visited one that was called Casino, but I never found any casino there. I wasn't here for so long, I just parked the car and went for a postcard and to buy some food.

I spent the first night in Coffs Harbour, I even stayed two nights here. Went around in the town and had a look at the botanic garden among other things. I saw lots of tiny blue crabs where there wasn't any water because of a tide. The funny thing with these crabs was that if they thought there were any danger, they dug themselves down the mud very fast, only to come up again a short moment later thinking that it was safe. If you stood still you could watch them, but as soon as you moved they disappeared into the mud.

Port Macquaire. In the park here you can walk and relax.
Next stop after Coffs Harbour was Port Macquaire. I stayed here for two nights too. As always I went around to see the town and just walk. I found a beach that was called Flynn's Beach where I tried the water. It was too cold for a swim, but I had to try walking in the water. My friend Lara in Canberra had a dog named Flynn, thought it was fun there was a beach called Flynn too.

After rushing down from Carins to Brisbane, I took it slower down to Sydney. Stayed at another costal town after Port Macquaire, this time it was called Forster and I stayed here for three nights. The other tourists here at this hostel were very kind and we had gatherings in the evening playing pool and drinking wine. There were three persons from England, one Italian, a Danish couple and a female from Germany. I don't remember their names, but I would very much get in contact with them again, so if anyone know someone who stayed at Forster's YHA in 1999, please let me know.

I talked very much with Sharone while I was staying here, well the talks were longer than normal. I tried to teach her to do HTML once over the phone and we talked for over an hour that night. I don't know the result of that lesson, but it was very fun. Nowadays she is very good in making webpages and you can see a sample here: www.dollsandtoysaustralia.com. Well, that was the first time I tried being a teacher over the phone...

Newcaste YHA.
Last stop before Sydney was Newcastle where I stayed for two nights. I had been here before so I recognized myself a little when I went around in the city centre. Stayed at the YHA here and got a really nice room. The weather was bad, it rained almost all the time so I spent lots of time indoors. I read and played snake on my mobile phone. I got a new record on snake, 1160 points.

I took walks here when it didn't rain or didn't rain very much. I tried to find a shop, which took a long time before I found one and when I should walk back to the YHA, I went the wrong way of course. I got myself a real sightseeing tour in Newcastle, fortunatley it didn't rain at that point.

The sun was shining when I should leave, so I took the opportunity to take a tour to the beach and went around there for a short moment. Went around in the water too, which was very cold but became warmer after a while. I didn't swim though. After that it was time to go to Sydney.

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