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Uddevalla is my hometown. I have lived here all my life, if you consider Hogstorp as a part of Uddevalla, which it is. Hogstorp is a small suburb to Uddevalla... or was it that Uddevalla is a big suburb to Hogstorp... :o)

I lived here in Uddevalla for 7 years before I moved to Hogstorp, where I spent 20 years. I went to school one year there, next class was in Skredsvik so I had to go there by a schoolbus. From grade 7 I was back to Uddevalla again.

Hogstorp is bit a big place, but a quiet place. It wasn't bad to grow up here, even if it sometimes was a long way to Uddevalla where most things happened if anything happened.
Lots of visitors during the Fjordfestival.

Uddevalla is a comminuty with a population of about 50.000 and it lies almost exactly between Gothenburg in the south and the Norwegian border in the north. A long time ago, Uddevalla was an important port and has been a place where many wars between Sweden, Norway and Denmark have took place. The port is still open for traffic, but it is not as important anymore, not since Uddevallavarvet had to close in the mid 1980's. Volvo and Autonova have the buildings today and they are making cars there.

One of the biggest events in Uddevalla is the annual Fjordfestivalen. For almost two weeks, the centre of Uddevalla has turn into a huge partyplace where everybody can enjoy something of all the offered activities. The most popular artist that vist Uddevalla during the Fjordfestival can get over 10.000 visitors to a small place called Museiparken in the middle of Uddevalla.

The "pretty(?)" Uddevalla bridge.
In may 2000 Uddevallabron (a bridge close to Uddevalla) was opened as a part of the highway along the west coast between Malmö in the south and the Norwegian border in the north. From now on the road is going past Uddevalla just outside it, it used to go right through Uddevalla. But it seems like the traffic through Uddevalla isn't less than it used to be, so either doesn't we had any tourists at all or they are faithful to Uddevalla and come into the city anyway. There was a huge fireworks at the opening of the bridge, one of the biggest and most beautiful I have ever seen, but I haven't seen som many... yet.

Uddevalla is a small and nice town, so if you are passing by, visit the city centre and have a look. There are things to do here too...


Some of the history of Uddevalla

Uddevalla during the 1400- och 1500's

The king Hans II came to Uddevalla in 1498 and the mayer Lars Sinclair asked the king to sign a paper that said Uddevalla was a town. Hans II did it on the 19th of December 1498 and Uddevalla became a twon, and as a town could have their own rules about taxes, guardening and many other things.

In 1519 did the Swedes try to take Bohuslän (the area between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border) but they failed and the Danish burned down the town.

In 1523 managed Gustav Vasa (the king) take north Bohuslän and Uddevalla.

The Danish king Kristian took back Bohuslän in 1531 but he didn't manage to take the fort of Bohuslän which was his goal. He returned what he had taken. Gustav Vasa sells north Bohuslän to Denmark and Uddevalla becomes Danish again. The following years was good to Uddevalla who could sell lots of oaktree to Denmark and Uddevalla grew larger.

The Seven Years War started in 1563 and in 1564 was Uddevalla burned down by the Swedes. Uddevala had a population of 500 at this time, many came from Germany, Holland and Scotland.


Uddevalla during the 1600's

In 1611 did the so called Kalmar War between Sweden and Denmark start. The war came to Uddevalla in 1612 and the Swedes burned the town down once again.

Uddevalla was built up again and it didn't take a long time until it was good times for Uddevalla. In the 1620's was Uddevalla a big port town and in 1640 did 231 ships leave Uddevalla with trees, meat and other things.

Uddevalla was burned down again in 1644 as a revenge for the attacks that the Dane Hannibal Sehested has done in Sweden.

The Swedish King Karl X Gustav attacked Denmark in February 1658. Sweden won and on the 26th of February Denmark had to give Sweden some land and Bohuslän was a part of it. The statue in the square is a mamory of that victory.

Denmark declared was against Sweden in 1675 and managed to take Bohuslän in 1676. They didn't manage to take the forts in Kungälv and Marstrand despite many tries, and peace was signed in 1679 that said Sweden got Bohuslän back.

Uddevalla is burning again on May 9th. The church and the area around the church was save from the fire and Uddevalla was built up on the same place again.


Uddevalla during the 1700's

This century begins with war. The big Scandinavian War started in 1700 and didn't end until 1720. For once Bohuslän was safe until 1711 when the Norwegian general Lövendal crossed the border to Sweden at Svinesund. A Swedish troup stopped Lövendal outside Uddevalla and the Norwegian general retreated back to Norway.

The young Swedish king Karl XII came to Uddevalla for the first time in August 1716. He came back to Uddevalla a second time in 1718, but then as dead. He was killed in a battle in Halden, Norway.

Bohuslän was in danger again in 1719 when the Norwegian navy tried to attack Uddevalla. But the Norwegian admiral Tordenskiold turned around when he realized how well defensed Uddevalla was. The war was over in 1720

Carl von Linné visits Uddevalla in 1746 and spends two days in the city, Gustavsberg and Skalbankarna. Gustafsberg became known as Swedens first bathing place and a bathing house was built in 1774.

The Swedish king Gustav III attacked Russia in 1788. Denmark-Norway that earlier had promised to help Russia had to attack Sweden now. They crossed the border at Svinesund and went into Bohuslän. Swedish troups tried to stopped them but failed and Uddevalla was occupied by the Norwegians for a month. The Norwegians went then back.


Uddevalla during the 1800's

The crown prince Gustaf visited Gustafsberg in 1804. He was sick at the time, but the visit to Gustafsberg made him well again. After this visit, Gustafsberg became a popular place for rich people to visit.

Tuseday July 26 1806, a fire begins in the pharmacist Bergius' barn, located close to the city centre. the fire spreads fast and it doesn't take long until every buliding in Uddevalla is burning. In the evening are there only burned left-overs of the city. The fire only took one human life though.

The rebuilding of the city begun and help came from many directions. Uddevalla got wood and similar things to build temporarily houses for the people. Later Uddevalla got gifts from Törnsberg in Norway, Wolgast in Meklenburg, Hamburg, London and S:t Petersburg. Uddevalla did also get the opportunity or tollfree buy bricks from Holland. Lots of people left Uddevalla and a few years after the fire, the population was down to 2000, half from before the fire. The city was now bulit after a pattern, wider streets and real blocks.

The cholera came to Uddevalla in 1834. 571 people got sick and 275 died.


Uddevalla during the 1900's

The first taxi came to Uddevalla in 1911. The first bus came in 1912.

World War II wasn't only bad news for Uddevalla. A company in Uddevalla who sold easy built houses (IKEA houses so to say... haha), sold very good. Buyers was the Swedish army and England among others. The company changed later into only making windows and was a big company in Uddevalla with many employers. It closed down in 1993.

1984 was the year when the shipyard company Uddevallavarvet closed down. During the 60's over 3500 people worked, and even if it was less people working there now, it was hard for Uddevalla. Volvo took over the buildings and together with an English company, they started Autonova who builds cars there now.

1995 was a good year for the soccer in Uddevalla. For the first time Uddevalla got a soccer team in the highest league. Oddevold was the team's name and played there 1996. 1996 was the year when the second team from Uddevalla qualified for Allsvenskan (the highest soccer league) and this time was Ljugskile the name of the team. Sadly neither of the teams manage to stay more than one year in Allsvenskan before they were relegaded to lower divisions.

Many things have happened to Uddevalla during the years. This was only a little piece of everything.


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